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Submit WRLF Eductaional Workshop Proposal by 7/31/17

Dates: June 14, 2017 - July 31, 2017

Time: 8:00 AM - 11:30 PM


Sponsor: UC 4-H Youth Development Program

Event Details

Western Region Leaders' Forum

San Diego, CA

March 1-4, 2018

The Western Region Leaders’ Forum (WRLF 2018) is now taking educational workshop proposals. 

Educational Workshop Proposal 

In an effort to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY workshops, presenters should model the experiential learning cycle and workshops should be fun, engaging and stimulating for participants. 

As an educational workshop presenter, you will be an integral part of the conference. The success of the conference is directly related to your willingness to work with 4-H volunteers, teens, and staff to provide meaningful educational opportunities. 

Workshops should address one of the listed subject areas and are encouraged to relate to the theme "Waves of Change

The online workshop proposal form must be completed by July 31, 2017 (11:59pm Pacific) 

Workshops require considerable effort to create, with past experience showing that three hours of preparation per hour of presentation are required to produce a high-quality workshop. Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to develop material for attendees to take home with them or provide electronic materials that we can upload to the website for participants to download. 

Proposal Selection Criteria 

When reviewing the workshop proposal, the committee evaluation will be based on the following criteria: 

• The content offers a significant contribution to the purpose of the conference and can clearly fit into an emphasis and initiatives. 

• The workshop has a clear purpose and objectives. 

• The workshop format is dynamic and engages the participants through activity and discussion (use of the experiential learning model). 

• The workshop provides the participants with concrete ideas/models that can be applied in their 4-H experience and beyond.  

Thank you for your interest in the Western Region Leaders' Forum hosted by California. For additional information, please visit the University of California 4-H website at: WRLF_2018 Event Page 

You will be notified of your proposal status by September 1st and will require and acknowledgment and agreement to participate by September 15th. 

Educational Workshops should also fall under one of the sub-categories below: 

Youth - Adult Partnerships –Youth - Adult Partnerships are an important cornerstone of the 4-H program. In this category, workshops should focus on developing healthy Youth - Adult Partnerships and to further current youth and adult working relationships in the program. 

New Programs/New Audiences- As the 4-H program looks to grow exponentially over the next couple years, leaders must look to engage new audiences not traditionally part of the 4-H program with unique and innovative programming. In this category, share how to bring 4-H to new audiences, and unique programs created to engage them. 

Future Forward- Since4-H started out over 100 years ago, the scope of 4-H programming has expanded into new and exciting fields. In this category, share where you foresee the 4-H program in another 100 years! 

Small Changes/Big Impact-In 4-H, even seemingly small contributions matter in the lives of young people. In this category, highlight some of the small changes or contributions that have made a big impact in the 4-H program. 

Holding on/Letting Go- 4-H has one foot in tradition and one foot in the future. In this category, workshops should focus on programs that have several years of success, and some traditions to let go of in order to progress towards the future of 4-H. 


Please make sure proposal fits into one of these categories PLUS pick the audience you are targeting: Adult volunteers, Collegiate Track, and Youth Track. 

Any questions? Email us at our new email: Subject line: Educational Workshops 

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