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Rabbit Fun Day

Rabbit Fun Day
March 18, 2018 @ 1PM - 4PM
Danville Grange
743 Diablo Road, Danville
Rabbit Fun Day is county-wide event with fun activities centered around rabbits. We will have a coloring contest, a rabbit dress up contest (homemade costumes instead of store bought is encouraged), showmanship, and a rabbit judging contest. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners in each age category. ARBA judge, Ray Stacy, our ARBA District 2 Director, will be our guest and we will hear tips on judging and showmanship. Contra Costa County as well as out of county youth aged 9 and up will have an opportunity to try rabbit judging and everyone can practice showmanship! Come join us for a fun experience.

Why go?: This event will be not only fun but a learning experience. This event is to educate youth about youth rabbit contests and expand knowledge about rabbits. This event is also a place to practice and prepare for the Contra Costa County Fair’s 2018 showmanship contests and judging for Fair meat pens.

Why are the activities important?: Showmanship is important knowledge to identify illnesses or problems in a rabbit. Judging is an important skill to learn how rabbits get judged on a show table, and understand what the judge really means when they are talking about a rabbit. This will also help you learn to pick out and judge rabbits better and they can learn what all the terms that judges use when judging a rabbit on their table. This event hopes to improve youth knowledge, give understanding about rabbit shows, and gives youth more hand-on learning experiences.

The coloring contests, dress up contest (homemade costumes instead of store bought is encouraged), showmanship and judging lectures, and the community service activity benefiting the Contra Costa Animal Services and their adoptable rabbits are all free to attend. $3 fee each for showmanship and judging contests (or $5 for both events).

Registration by March 13, 2018 required for showmanship and/or judging events. All other events can be attended for FREE and without appointment!



Registration closes March 14 at 8AM.

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