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Contra Costa 4-H Program

New to 4-H?

The Process of Joining 4-H: For New Families

You are welcome to join 4-H most anytime of the year; although most of the project and club activities are held from late August through June. Contra Costa County membership closes each year on April 1.

How do I start?

First determine which club you would like to join. Select a club and contact the Community Leader to find out what projects that club offers and when their meetings are scheduled.

If you have any questions about the club, contact the Community Club Leader or attend a Community Club Meeting. The meetings are generally held once a month (contact the club leader to verify date and time of their next meeting). While the meeting may seem overwhelming, remember you will not necessarily participate in every project, fundraiser, or event mentioned. Pay attention to what interests you and your child. Ask for a copy of their Constitution and Bylaws, and any project rules they may have. This will inform you of any special provisions - attendance, community pride/citizenship participation requirements, fundraisers, etc.

Once you find a club that best suits your family...

It's time to enroll! Visit to set up your family account. Once you have enrolled on-line, give the required forms and enrollment fees to the Club Volunteer Enrollment Coordinator (VEC). Access "4-H Club" drop-down menu (in the golden-colored bar above) to identify each club's VEC.

Enrollment Information

Instructions for New Families: Step by Step instructions with screen shots.

 Enrollment Fees (2018-2019)

$85.00 for youth members
$18.00 for adult volunteers (plus LiveScan fee)

**Individual clubs may have additional fees in addition to this cost.

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