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Volunteer Resources

Project Resource Leader

The 4-H YDP Resource/Key Adult Volunteer:

Provides specialized leadership and support in one or more project areas by encouraging and guiding volunteers to plan and conduct quality project educational project experiences.

Develops resources for project volunteers.

Conducts project-related events and activities.

Attends training workshops to keep up to date on new developments and availability of teaching materials in the subject matter area(s).

Key Resource Leader - Sample Job Description


Incident Report

An incident is an event or interaction with another person in the program that concerns you and your involvement in 4-H. The purpose of the report is to document your issue and initiate a staff inquiry about the issue.

The 4-H Program Representative is available to listen to all incidents, advise you on how to proceed or become involved when required.

When you feel you need some support in the 4-H Program, please contact contact the office at 925-646-6532 and complete an Incident Report. 

4-H Incident Report


Meeting and Event Forms

Per 4-H Policy, “4-H members and adult volunteers are provided limited accident coverage when taking part in or attending an approved, regularly supervised 4-H activity”.

  • All 4-H meetings (project & club), events & activities must be logged.
  • Please submit at least 30 days prior to the event/meeting so all paperwork (if required) can be processed.

All facility use requests must be processed by the 4-H Office. Volunteers are not to sign any contracts, agreements or applications.

4-H Activity Request is to be completed for all meetings, activities and events even if a formal use agreement is not required. This is a record for insurance and planning purposes.

Please use the below link: 4-H Activity Request