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Fashion Revue


General Rules

Traditional, Box Challenge and Vintage challenge entries must be sewn as part of the member’s Clothing & Textiles project (aka Sewing). There are no project requirements for the Consumer Science-Purchased, $40 Limit category or the Cosplay Challenge.

For all entries, the outfit must be produced and modeled by the individual member.

All outfits must meet SFR modesty guidelines.  All shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. must be at least fingertip length, bathing suits are not allowed.

State Fashion Revue rules will be followed with the exception that members may enter in multiple categories at the county level.  If a member is chosen as county winner for 2 or more categories they must choose one category for the state competition.  Rules are available here http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/SFD/SFR/

Helpful Information

Writing Your Commentary

More information and helpful tips are available at the State Fashion Revue Website such as SFR Modeling Guide, Sewing Skills Progress Chart, Interfacing, and much more.

Check out the State Fashion Revue Judges Guide for rubrics and more detailed information to guide you with your entries. 

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Past Fashion Revue Results

Congratulations to our winners, and great job by all our participants!  Click the link below to view year's results.

Fashion Revue Results 2019

Fashion Revue Results 2018

Fashion Revue Results 2017


Come have fun at the Contra Costa County Fashion Revue

You can sew or purchase an outfit and enter it in one of the five categories. County Winners will qualify to participate in State Fashion Revue on (date TBD) at UC Davis.

Enrollment in a Sewing Project is NOT required for the following two categories:

  • Consumer Science Purchased, $40 Limit - Purchased (coordinate entire outfit, including shoes and accessories under $40) Must provide receipts (from the current 4-H year) for all items worn by member)

  • Coplay Challenge - Participants in this challenge will construct a cosply costume.  Start with a photo or drawing of the character that inspired this costume.  Use any crafting techniques and any materials to make the costume.  Pre-made, purchased costume kits, or parts of kits are not allowed.  However, purchased garments may be used as a starting point for the costume. (See below for more information on the cosplay challenge)

Enrollment in a Sewing Project is REQUIRED for the following three categories:

  • Traditional Category (garment or outfit sewn by member)

  • Box Challenge - (garment or outfit sewn by member)

  • Vintage Challenge (garment or outfit sewn by member)