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Presentation Day

February 27, 2021
8:45AM - Check-In
9:00AM - Opening Ceremonies
9:30AM-11:30AM - Session 1 Presentation
11:30AM-1:30PM - Session 2 Presentation
2:30PM - Awards Ceremony
Presentation Day Details

Our priority is ensuring the safety of young people in the 4-H program, their families, and community. Therefore, we have decided to move to a virtual format for this year's county Presentation Day. 

We are aware of challenges going virtual that this may pose to families. Some youth may not be able to participate in this format, though we will do our best to accommodate as many as we are able. Participants who would like to enter but are hindered by technological issues, please contact us right away so that we may try to help you find a safe solution. Our number one priority is our members.
We also recognize people have other serious priorities right now and that 4-H participation may not be one of them at this time. Our goal is to maintain some normalcy and to continue the learning experiences for as many members as possible. 
Presentation Day is another way to honor the work these members do during the program year. Each year as we see members give presentations, we see them grow in confidence, strength, and ability. 4-H Presentations are one thing that truly sets 4-H members and alumni apart from the rest. As members grow and improve in their presentation skills, the improvement is seen not only in their annual competitions but in the school work, in speaking with others, and eventually in interviewing for jobs and higher education. This is why we encourage members to begin presenting in their primary years if they're able, or as early as possible, and to participate as often as they can. 
Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year. Presentation categories are open to all age groups: primary, junior, intermediate, and senior. Members may choose from a variety of presentation styles including: demonstration/illustrated talk, educational display talk, persuasive prepared speech, informative prepared speech, impromptu speech, interpretive reading, share the 4-H fun skit, cultural arts and science or engineering presentation.
Each county holds a Presentation Day, where blue or gold winners advance to Regional Presentation Days (April 12 - 24, 2021). Blue or Gold winners from Regional Presentation Day compete at the State Presentation Days, (May 15 - 22, 2021). Youth compete by age group: junior, intermediate, and senior.
All presentations are done in the format outlined in the California 4-H Presentation Manual. Contra Costa County uses the presentation format the manual along with the evaluation rubrics and scoring key.
Community Service

Community Service Activity - During the County Presentation Day Event, any youth members or adult volunteers may join the ZOOM link into the main room and complete thank you notes and/or coloring pages for local Veterans.

These messages will be given to more than 400 homeless and low-income Veterans at the Operation Standdown event this summer. Members and Volunteers may choose to submit their personal notes of thanks digitally, or they may mail their thanks to us to be included. There will be Coloring Pages that can be digitally colored (we will print to include) or printed and colored by hand and mailed. Each of our kind words may make a world of difference to someone in need. A link will be available for more information at the Awards Ceremony as well. 

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer Opportunities include:



  • 4-H senior division members (Age 14 of as December 31, 2020)
  • Experience with Zoom.us


  • Attend a room host orientation on Thursday, February 25 at 6:30PM (Zoom link will be emailed separately)
  • Become familiar with the CA 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised January 2021 (Especially Page 50)
  • Become familiar with "Host" controls in Zoom.us
  • Introduce the presenters and give the presenters any needed assistance
  • Ask the evaluators if they are ready for the next presenter and then briefly introduce the presenter

Register to be a ROOM HOST




  • 4-H volunteer leader, 4-H staff, 4-H members (older than 16 years of age and not giving a presentation), and people from other organizations with experience in public speaking.


  • Watch the online tutorial 4-H Presentation Day Evaluator Orientation before the evaluator orientation.
  • Attend an evaluator orientation on Thursday, February 25 @6:30PM (Zoom link will be emailed separately)
  • Become familiar with the CA 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised January 2021
  • Evaluate 6 presentations during one time slot (or sign-up for multiple time slots)
  • Complete the digital evaluation form and provide written positive and constructive feedback to help each presenter improve.

Register to be an EVALUATOR

Pre-register to participate. Registration closes on February 22nd at 5:00PM.

Regional and State Presentation Days

Members (9 years old and above) earning a blue or gold award at County Presentation Day qualify to present at Regional Presentation Day. Any 4-H member who has been awarded a blue or gold medal at Regional Presentation Day may compete with the same presentation for which the medal was awarded at State Presentation Day. 

Regional Presentation Day  - April 12 - 24, 2021

State Presentation Day - May 15 - 22, 2021