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Presentation Day




February 6, 2022
3:00PM - Presentation Day Workshop
February 23, 2022
6:30PM - Room Host Orientation
7:00PM - Evaluator Orientation
February 26, 2022
9:45AM - Check-In
10:00AM - Session 1
12:00PM - Session 2
2:00PM - Session 3

Youth Registration


  • Youth ages 5-19 

Presentations are scheduled during 2-hour sessions. Each session will have 7 presentations and 2 or 3 evaluators in one 2-hour long Zoom meeting.

Time blocks are first-come, first-served.

Registration closes at Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 11:59PM (PDT)

REGISTER for County Presentation Day



Evaluators are an important part of making the competitions successful! As an evaluator, you help youth improve by giving them feedback based on a standard evaluation rubric and written constructive feedback.

Adults and 4-H Members ages 16 and up can sign up to be Evaluators.


  • Attend an evaluator orientation.
    • Wednesday, February 23, 2022 via Zoom.
  • Become familiar with the UC 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised January 2021.
  • Evaluate 7 presentations during one time slot. 
  • Complete the digital evaluation form and provide written positive and constructive feedback to help each presenter improve.

When you sign up:

  • Please choose the time block(s) that you will volunteer for. Note: Please only choose the times you will actually work, not when you are available.
  • If you haven't already complete an evaluator virtual orientation.

Evaluator Sign Up


Room Host

Room Hosts help ensure the smooth functioning of the scheduled presentations. Senior 4-H members are eligible to sign up as Room Hosts.


When you sign up:

  • Please choose the time block(s) that you will volunteer for. Note: Please only choose the times you will actually work, not when you are available.

Room Host Sign Up

Impromptu Presentation

2022 Impromptu Categories

Categories for impromptu presentations are available so the presenter is expected to have completed basic research. Presenters are allowed one 5" x 7" note card (single sided) to reference during the delivery of the impromptu speech. More information is available in the UC 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised January 2021. At State 4-H Presentation Day, participation in Impromptu Speeches is limited to Intermediate and Senior 4-H members.

Impromptu Presentation - Senior (14-19 years old)

  • Civic Responsibility (Civic Engagement)
  • Public Health and Pandemic Response (Healthy Living)
  • Importance of Mentors (Leadership)
  • Nature of Science (STEM)

Impromptu Presentation - Intermediate (11-13 years old)

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Goal Management

See the full descriptions of the 2022 Impromptu Categories (PDF)

Regional and State Presentation Days

Members (9 years old and above) earning a blue or gold award at County Presentation Day qualify to present at Regional Presentation Day. Any 4-H member who has been awarded a blue or gold medal at Regional Presentation Day may compete with the same presentation for which the medal was awarded at State Presentation Day. 

Regional Presentation Day  - April 9 - 23, 2022

State Presentation Day - 2022 Dates TBD

Virtual County Presentation Day Procedure

Two-hour time slots available on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

After qualifying with a blue or gold award at a County 4-H Presentation Day (either in-person or virtual), youth may register to present at Regional Presentation Day during a 2-hour time block offered between April  10 – April 24. Time blocks are first-come, first-served.


After registering, youth presenters will receive a confirmation for their time block with a zoom.us meeting link.

During their scheduled time block, youth will log on with a computer/tablet or smart phone and present in front of a camera/webcam. They may use poster boards and props (if the category permits these) or use digital slides by “sharing my screen.” All requirements from the 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised January 2021 apply.

Evaluators will enter their scores and comments digitally, which will be sent to the “tally room.” Evaluation forms will be emailed to presenters along with their placing.

Award certificates and pins will be mailed to the address you listed on the registration form.